History of the Lodge

The Great Rift Valley is a unique geographical attribute, which cuts Ethiopia into two, from northeast to south. This vast Valley hosts magnificent landscapes and supports immense life forms including indigenous and migrant birds and other animals of varying species. Some of such wonderful places like Awash National Park (Awash NP), Afar Depression with Erta-Ale area and Rift Valley Lakes are considered as one of the world's most attractive areas. The Awash NP has still preserved the most tourist attractions of the region: the Hot Springs in the east, the Awash River Falls in the south, its plain games and the culture of the nearby communities are most important.

It would be your selection to discover this Upper Rift Valley including the Awash National Park and the surroundings’ natural beauty. The Awash Falls Lodge was intentionally constructed here in order to support conservation of the Awash NP through community connection and also to serve as a stopover and or destination site for travelers to and from Erta-Ale, Dallol Depression and the ancient Harer Town. We offer tours and vacations to this most famous and historic area. Choose from escorted tours of our offer and vacation packages/activities.