Avian diversity

When it comes to birds, Awash has the greatest diversity of any National Park in Ethiopia with more than 473 species. The variety in habitats, both aquatic (Metehara/Beseka Lake, Filoha hot springs and Awash River) and terrestrial, provide an excellent platform to watch and study a variety of migrant and resident birds. One can see species of herons, egrets, ibises, storks, ducks, vultures, francolins, plovers, doves, bee-eaters, hornbills, nightjars, barbets, woodpeckers, larks and pipits, rock chats and wheatears, sunbirds, starlings, weavers, seedeaters and six species of bustards (Black-bellied, White-bellied, Buff-crested, Kori, Hartlaub's and Arabian). The endemic Yellow-throated Serine and other 5 near-endemic birds are known from the park. 

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 Doho Lodge and Hot Springs is actively serving local and international tourists.

This new Lodge is a sister company of the Awash Falls Lodge. This new site has already been opened for visitors. The site is located at the northern edge of Awash National Park along the expanse of the Awash Hot Springs, 48 km from Awash Falls Lodge. The area accommodates immense attractions.

The Awash Hot Springs:  Located at the northern border of the Park (41 km from Awash Falls Lodge) at the base of the Fentale cliffs are the fascinating Fil wuha Hot Springs. It is one of the wonders of the area and affords the visitor the opportunity to swim in about 40 - 50oC water. Aside from the hot springs and their picturesque pools, Doum Palms surround the hot springs and attract a wide range of aquatic birds and fish-eating Nile crocodiles. At dawn and dusk it is also possible to observe Defassa waterbuck in the hot spring marsh. While driving through the thick acacia bush to get to the hot springs one can also see a number of large mammal species including Lesser kudu, Salt's dik-dik, warthogs, and bird species such as Helmeted guinea fowl. The area is also home to the Hamadryas baboon. These special animals are regularly seen by visitors’ area as they regularly forage here during daylight hours, returning to the cliffs at night, where they are protected from predators. 

Suttle Bus AFLWe are very pleased to announce you that the Awash Falls Lodge has started a shuttle bus service from Addis Ababa Bolie International Airport to Awash National Park.

It is now a good option for a group of tourists that can rent for enjoyable and comfortable trip to Awash National Park. We serve you with reasonable price.


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