Excursions in Awash National Park

(5 Days / 4 Nights Stay)
Day 1 
Morning: 10:00 a.m - Depart Addis to Awash National Park, 215 km to the east, which is located in the Great Rift Valley that cuts Ethiopia into two from northeast to south with a unique geographical attribute. This vast Valley hosts magnificent landscapes and supports immense life forms including indigenous and migrant birds and other wild animals of varying species. Lunch at Safari Lodge at Adama/Nazret or directly drive to the Lodge.

Afternoon: Arrive at Awash Falls Lodge and make various activities:

Trek around the lodge - A trek that takes 2 km along the River Awash. Colobus and Vervet monkeys, Crocodiles, Monitor lizards are among the few wild animals residing this pristine Riverine area dominated by grand Ficus trees and lianas clinging to huge trees. Birdlife is astounding, walking to the songs of these beautiful birds is soothing and mind refreshing. Other than the treks by Awash River, you will also visit the Awash Falls, Park museum, and the campsite area under fig trees.

Day 2
Early morning: Drive to Fil Wuha Hot springs with takeaway breakfast, 43 km from the Lodge which is found in the natural hot spring with naturally blue swimming pool surrounded by a large forest of Doum palm trees. The crocodiles found by the nearby slightly warmer pond, the Waterbuck, Hamadryas baboons and aquatic birds are the main attractions of the area. A quick swim by the hot water is a pleasant experience. Lunch will be at the Lodge.

Afternoon: Drive to Hyena Park. There is no night spectacle more dramatic as the Hyenas of Fentale. More than 200 hyenas come out of their caves at dusk yelling into the night. It is 27 km from the Lodge. The hyenas which at times number more than 50 individuals are seen coming out of their dens at dusk, a spectacle unmatched in other parts of the country. The yelling of the hyenas will accompany you to your car as you walk back. It is quite unique to see warthogs also come out of same den with hyenas.

Volcanic cracks - The short walk to the cave will take you by myriads of sheer cracks with a depth of about 60 meters of single smooth rock. Thousands of bats swarm out of these rocks, not to mention dozens of cute rock hyraxes starring at you from their vantage points. You will also view giant owls. The vast expanse of hardened lava flow is a sight to admire. This area is not only of interest to geologists but also to all those who are keen in exploring and enjoying nature. You will visit this area along with touring hyenas.

Italian Fort - A ruin of an old Italian Fort dating to the time of the Italian invasion during World War II is found there. It is said that the Italians built this Fort out of limestone and the shell of Ostrich eggs. You will visit this area along with touring hyenas and the volcanic crack. 

Day 3
Early morning: climb to Mount Fentale - Mt. Fentale is a dormant volcano with 2007 m a.s.l. The crater on top is roughly 3x3 km in diameter, it has a panoramic view and one can see water vapor coming out of the vents. The best time to see the vapors is during the cool of the mornings, before 9 a.m. The climb itself is through Acacia dominated slopes and some breathtaking views. Lunch back to the Lodge.

Afternoon: Drive to Illala Sala Plain, which is a 30 km round game drive where one can see herds of Beisa oryx and Soemmerings gazelle. Warthogs and hares are common sightings on this drive. Awash is considered as the bird paradise of Ethiopia with more than 473 species recorded. Among the variety of birds, Kori bustard, Ground hornbill, Secretary bird and various species of raptors are commonly seen. A breath taking view of the Awash Gorge is part of this drive. 

Day 4
Early morning: Drive to Allideghi Wildlife Reserve, 80 km from Awash National Park to the northeast. It is home to a variety of wild animals including the Grevy’s zebra, Ostrich, Oryx and Gazelle. Here you can also see the Afar people with their elaborate hair and dressing styles. Coffee at Bilen Lodge.

Late afternoon: Trekking south of the Lodge by Awash Gorge. 

Day 5
Early morning: Drive to Sabure Market (Saturday) place to visit the fantastic culture of Afar people with their attractive hair style and dressing. It is about 65 km northeast of the Lodge.

Afternoon: Back to Addis.

Guests can also choose the excursion that suits them.